How to make any room soundproof without spending thousands of dollars

Soundproofing your home office or recording studio

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Hello, I live in New York City in very old building with old ceilings and wooden floors. In city that never sleeps I got used to outside noises but sounds inside my apartment are driving me nuts especially during sound recoding sessions! I can hear neighbors, alarm sounds and even phone rings. Few weeks ago I tried recording at night but then my neighbors complained. I'd like to block inside and outside noises without huge investment. Any serious suggestion would be helpful.

You are not alone!

Do whatever you can to seal up the room a bit. Treat it like you're trying to keep cold air from getting in. High-pitched noises can be greatly quieted by installing Acoustic Panels with sound blocking layer.

For windows, you may use heavy drapes. For doors, we do recommend Door Noise Control Covers.

If you can, move you bed to the furthest wall from the noise. Put your other bedroom furniture against the offending wall - A nice, full bookshelf can do wonders. In sound recording room or home office we do recommend sound absorption panels. You can easily install them on the walls.

Rugs or carpet will help anywhere there is a hardwood floor.

You can record at any time! For best possible sound treatment, you should install sound absorption panels on walls. These are amazing acoustic panels that combine the best features of all other sound absorption materials combined without the downside! The most importantly, it will give you great acoustics in your room and let you express your beauty and personality at the same time.

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